September 22, 2020- Paint Out – Whispering Bay Bridge or Mike & Eva’s

Our final scheduled paint out for 2020 will be Tuesday Sept 22nd from 5:00PM to 7:30PM. This new location offers two areas to paint from. The first is the new bridge area in the south west corner of Whispering Bay (a new man made lake area in south Bismarck) and Mike and Eva’s property at 3114 Fontenelle Dr just south of the bridge area. The leaves have begun to turn and by next week we should have a lot of good fall color!

Directions: The southwest corner of Whispering Bay (bridge area) is located by the junction of Langer Lane and Larson Rd. To get to Langer Lane take Riverwood Dr past the golf course, past the Pier Bar and Grill until it curves to the right you are now on Mills Ave (going toward Fox Island boat ramp) but take a left turn at the second left turn onto Whispering Dr. You will be at a roundabout, stay to the right on Langer Lane and continue south to the bridge area.  A short distance to the east on Larson Road from the Langer Lane junction is Fontenelle Drive you may enter the property at 3114 to paint.

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